On My Easel: Mesa Verde

On My Easel:  Mesa Verde

In third grade here in Colorado, students study Mesa Verde (or at least my class did), and one summer soon after, we made a visit down there. Some time after that my grandparents bought a farm in Cortez, Colorado. My aunt and uncle still live down there on that plot of land. So that’s my personal connection to that beautiful part of Colorado. The cliff dwellings are the perfect subject to feed my passion for painting sandstone tones, and shading shapes of shadows to create forms that pop out from under the overhanging rock. I started this painting a couple years ago while I was involved in a bigger project. I used the extra paint from these giant canvases that I was painting and it started to emerge out of nothing.


Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

As a traditionally trained artist, I used paper, canvas, board and other common surfaces to draw and paint on. The last three months has been spent exploring some different surfaces from maps to railroad ties. I can tell you that it’s been fun to get out of my comfort zone. Incorportation of materials like copper, burlap and texturing mediums have been really positive. I have decided that I love texture, so for me, this is just the beginning! Most of my new “Primitives” have sold, which has been fun. Even more fun is when someone at the post office sees them and asks me to do something for them. I couldn’t have survived December and January without those little commissions, They were massive for me! See more by visiting http://www.barkeycreative.com or my facebook page, pinterest, etc.

The photo is a detail of “Sonoma” a mixed media on a map of Sonoma, California. It’s about 5″x7″. I’m looking to combine fun materials and fun subjects.