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Jury Framed, Ready to be Hung

Jury Framed, Ready to be Hung

We’ve completed framing of the Colorado Judicial District 14 painting out of re-purposed barn wood. This was a new experience for me, but quite easy, and it looks ready for display where ever the good folks in Routt county wish to hang it.

Keeping It Loose

Keeping It Loose

“Hand Made Chair” is an 11″x 22″ Acrylic on Paper painting that just kind of happened. It was a different experience for me, since I worked from a picture without a drawing or underpainting. I treated it as a negative (black spaces first) and did everything around the chair. It got to the point where I was dying to get into the chair to do some details. Alas, I held back and boom, the chair just popped out. I think I’ll let it sit for a day to decide if it’s done (I’m leaning that way, don’t want to over-work it!)