Probably what my kids are thinking! I am very thankful to have two great kids, and I know that they’re enjoying their Thanksgiving with family this week! I miss them like crazy. Took a break from painting for a day or two, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my sketch book out. Here’s the result of a quick sketch I did yesterday in preparation for Turkey Day today. I’m thankful to be able to cartoon, and very thankful that I’ve been able to do the work that I do.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Pen and Ink Study

Pen and Ink Study

A quick study of a copper vase and a cutie orange…5″x7″. One of the nice things about a break is the opportunity to refine your skills. When I was younger (although I still do) I would gravitate to black and white. Mostly due to the fact that I’m color blind. But working in black and white allows me a chance to work on toning. It’s a good excercise and it’s something you can do anywhere – which is why I tell my students to keep a sketch book. Draw, draw, draw!

Painting Peppers

First day of Thanksgiving Break, and I’m sure I’m as thankful as my students are!  I’m sure that they needed a break from me!  After a week of hitting the oil painting pretty hard, I went back to watercolor.  Mostly because I love how fast one can turn a result.  I took some really good images of peppers this summer and they’ve been hibernating on my computer so it’s about damn time that I did something with them.  In all I did three quick studies of peppers, and really enjoyed letting the watercolor do what it does best:  flow!  I came dangerously close to putting my brush in my coffee (a regular risk) more than once.  But thankfully, no watercolor tainted my coffee or vis, versa.  These are 4″x6″ studies and certainly available. Contact me for purchase information.